toy history






Blockraft, Inc. was established in Grand Rapids, MI in 1934. According to museum records, Chas. A. Wagner of Detroit was president, Russell W. Van Dore was VP, and Francis G. Fay was secretary. The company lasted until 196?. Records indicate their office address in 1938 was 21 Ottawa Ave. NW, 6th floor, and in 1941 they were located at 40 Market Ave., again on the 6th floor. They later moved to Cedar Springs in the early 60's. Made sets of snap together blocks featuring metal clothing snaps on all sides of the blocks. They made sets of building blocks with blue rectangular blocks, red cylinders and triangular prisms. Blockraft toys can be found on eBay on a fairly regular basis. Most of the kids in my generation remember these blocks which were everywhere here in Grand Rapids.