Milton Bradley

Milton Bradley Co.
Springfield, MA
1860 -
games, trains, paints, crayons, guns, optical toys, puzzles, etc. etc.

Milton Bradley Company History

In 1860, Mr. Milton Bradley started a lithography business in Springfield, Massachusetts. One of the first lithographic works turned out by Milton Bradley was a portrait of Abraham Lincoln without his beard. Lincoln had just been nominated for the Presidency of the United States. The sale of this picture was extremely encouraging to the young printer until it was found that Lincoln had grown a beard. The sale of Bradley's beardless lithograph dropped off drastically.

In seeking ways to keep his business afloat, Mr. Bradley began producing a game he had previously invented called, "The Checkered Game of Life." His game was so successful, he sold as many as he could produce.

In 1880, Mr. Milton Bradley expanded his business and began making jigsaw puzzles. Today, the company is the number one maker of games and puzzles in the world.

In 1911, Milton Bradley died, but the business he started continued to grow and prosper. Each year saw the development of new games, new educational materials and continued expansion for the company. Then, in 1962, ground was broken for the present multi-million dollar plant and office facility in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, which covers 20 acres and employs approximately 1,800 people.

Milton Bradley produces, sells and markets a broad line of popular games, puzzles, and activities. Some of the classics include: The Game of Life (1960), Chutes and Ladders (1943), Candyland (1949), Twister (1966), Yahtzee (1956), Big Ben Puzzles (1941), and Scrabble Brand Crossword Game(1938).

In September 1984, Milton Bradley Company and its subsidiary, Playskool, Inc., a manufacturer of toys for infant, toddlers, preschool and primary grade children, were acquired by Hasbro, Inc. of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. In 1989, Hasbro Inc. purchased the major assets of Coleco Industries, Inc., which enabled several classic games such as Scrabble and Parcheesi to join the Milton Bradley line.

In 1991, Tonka, Kenner Toys and Parker Brothers Games also joined Hasbro, Inc. By 1992, production for Parker Brothers games had moved to East Longmeadow where now both Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games are manufactured.

In the fall of 1998, a dedicated Hasbro Games Campus will open in Beverly, Massachusetts (the former headquarters of Parker Brothers.) Located on the campus will be the Research and Development staffs of Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers and Hasbro Interactive.

Milton Bradley does not release an annual income figure, rather it is incorporated with Hasbro, Inc., the parent company.