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December 3, 1955

The Albany Embossing Company has been sold to a Chicago firm and the manufacture of its products will be transferred there at the end of the month, leaving 75 workers unemployed.

William M.. Thompson, president of the Embossing Company said the firm was sold to Halsam Products Company for an undisclosed sum. He's said that all employees, including himself had been given 30-day dismissal notices by the Chicago firm.

Not included in the sale is the Albany firm's plant, in an area bounded by Broadway, Pruyn and Liberty Streets. Mr. Thompson said the buildings, which have 100,000 square feet of floor space, would be offered for sale early next year.

The Embossing Company founded in 1870, was a pioneer in toy manufacturing. Among its products which will be manufactured in the future by the Chicago firm are its line of American Logs and American Plastic Bricks.

December 3, 1955

The of the Albany Embossing Company, a giant of the toy field in the era of wood, has been purchased by Chicago firm best known for its plastic products and will go out existence at the end of December.

Announcement of the sale of the business to Halsam Products Company, For an undisclosed amount, was made yesterday by William M. Thompson of Loudonville, Embossing Company President.

Although best known for its toy building bricks, Halsam is rated as the country's largest producer of embossed wood products. It will produce the Embossing Company's line of the ABC and building blocks, dominoes and checkers.

The Embossing Company founded in 1870, occupied 100,000 square feet in several connecting buildings in the block bounded by Broadway, Pruyn and Liberty Streets. The buildings were not included in the sale, and will be on the market early next year, according to Thompson.

At present only about 75 are employed in the sprawling plant. Employment in the past 10 years, Thompson said, has been about 100 in peak seasons. He has headed the firm for that period.

Up to the mid-20's the Embossing Company besides marketing its own products, served as U.S. Sales Agents for the British made but Meccano and Plasticine line.


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