Gaston Manufacturing Co. (DORA) (Cherryville, NC) ????

Will Hendricks was the Supt. Clarence Hicks worked in the office. J. M. Rhodes was General Manager. Many families employed, John Carpenter, Monroe Carpenter, Grover Carpenter, Cletus Carpenter, Cleo Carpenter Moss, Henry Carpenter, Solon Grigg family, Clayton Carpenter family, Dillard Sisk family, Walter, Cecil and Ed Walter, Marshal and Albert Kale, Clayton and Guy Sisk, Ambrose, Hobson and Frank Hendricks, John Bookout family, Roy, Marvin, Lee, Leslie and Maggie Bookout, Greg, Tom Heavner, Mrs. Isador Black, Mr. S. Randall, Monroe, Vesti, Quince Randall, Elberry Lankford and John, Odus, Raymond. Harvey and Bertha Lankford White, R. P. McGinnis family, John Brady family, D. M. Noblett family, D. J. Mancy family, Wiley Dellinger family, Cicero Crane family, Babe Grigg family, Bishop Roberts family, Dave Lingerfelt family, Julius Buff family, Oscar King family, Dow Eaker family, Melvin Newton family, Bergin Newton family, Henry Morrow, A. B. Morrow, Sam Farris, John Smith, Bob Gardner, R. A. Fairchild, Ciaude Conner, Alvin London, Barney Carpenter, Junius Helms, Blaine Beam, Carl Beam, Sam Dellinger, Nathan Dellinger, Clarence Pope, Ed Hartman, Charlie Simpson, Mallie Simpson Costner, Willie McGinnis, Roy McGinnis, Reedie Ballard, Flay Scism, Claude Scism, Bob Pope, Henry Moore, Amanda Hallman, Gus Taunt, Chris Ross, Will Goins, Dean Goins, Cohen Goins, Wiley Sneed, Alec Dellinger, Lee and John Heavner, Alec Mitchem family, Mrs. Joe Upton. Overseers were Mack Cloniger, Jake Kiser, Ed Carpenter, Jim Carroll, Clayton Carpenter. J. J. George was secretary at one time, as D. P. "Mac" McLurd was Gne. Manager. Hamp Brackett ran the store, then after he left, Ben Boyles moved his store to the company store building. Charlie Gallons, a colored man, ran the boiler room. A. K. Melton was electrician and Mechanic. Everett Melton took over from him.

Wells for water were dug in the village street. Families had to carry the water they used in buckets. The mill on the right side of the road was built about five years after the one on the left.

Mr. Frank Robinson went to Gaston about 1900. In 1905 he was Section Hand of Cards, then spinning. In 1918 he moved to Howell Manufacturing Co,. where he was overseer until retirement.

Gaston Manufacturing Co.. was reopened by the Dover group of Cleveland Co. as Dora Yarn Mills in 1937 They had a Weaving operation, until just recently, when they changed over to knitting. Jim Still is Supt. Howard Rollins is General Manager. Two local citizens are long time office employees, W. Hector Stroupe, Supervisor of Purchasing and Planning, Mrs. Wilma Beam heads the office force.