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The History of LEGO

Ever wonder how LEGO® got its start? Here’s a wonderful animated film with the detailed early history of the Danish toymaker. Of course, this is just the beginning of the tale, and doesn’t explain how LEGO made inroads into the US market when the Chicago-based EL-GO (subsidiary of the Halsam Products company) was already making […]


Power Rings Become Wendy’s Smart Links Kids Meal Toy

I recently bought my daughter a Wendy’s Kids Meal and was pleasantly surprised to see a quality construction toy inside instead of the usual movie tie-in. I also recognized the toy from my meeting with the inventor while exhibiting at a late 90’s Toy Fair. These Wendy’s Smart Links were then known as PowerRings by […]


A History of American Toys

Toys have a universal appeal. Everyone has a favorite toy from their childhood. Beyond nostalgia or collector research, the history of toys is the history of our civilization.  Toymakers from Germany and England brought European designs to America. The tradition of fathers and grandfathers making toys for their families was changing as the population moved […]